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3-way ball kit for 3-way cylinder kit

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Mariz underbody telescopic cylinders are suitable for 1-way, 2-way and 3-way tipping applications (even though one-way rear-tipping still remain the most popular one worldwide).

Mariz provides also accessories for dump trailers
For 2-way and 3-way tipping vehicles, Mariz provides a 4-ball kit (to be fixed onto the chassis) with related sockets (to be fixed under the tipping body) and 2 locking pins, which are used to lock 2 sockets and 2 balls and as a consequence determine the tipping direction.
Moving pins into different location before operation (both at the rear or both at the side), it is possible to change the tipping direction.
Special design of 3-way ball kit components together with a specific configuration of its installation ensure the pins cannot be locked in wrong positions.

From 2 up to 28 tons payload application.

The 3-side cylinder application is specially indicated for those vehicles intended to be used in narrow streets or in any location with limited space to move and position the vehicle before operating.