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Big brands can be recognized by the quality they offer: customers naturally expect that a famous and respected brand could only match with top level quality of products.

Big companies can keep their leading position in the industry thanks to their people and the technology. These 2 assets, combined in the R&D department, are the key to succeed and be always a step ahead of the competition.

But what really makes you a Global Leading Group is to be close to your customers exactly when they need you, wherever they are.

In Mariz we do all this.

Being part of the Binotto Group, MARIZ is globally present in more than 150 countries, with official subsidiaries and authorized distributors.

A global and updated list of MARIZ service points, distributors and production sites with contact details is available at

Even if you are located far from the companies listed, we recommend you to get in contact with your nearest hydraulic cylinder sales and service point or MARIZ telescopic cylinder distributor, who will provide you with the best solution for your needs.
Most distributors maintain their own networks and will give you professional advice and support.